Photo of Pamela J. Marple

Pamela J. Marple, Chair of the D.C. Litigation practice, also manages the day-to-day business of the firm in D.C., responsible for the litigation practice as well as overall office operations, management and recruiting. For 30 years, Ms. Marple’s practice has focused on regulatory and commercial litigation and counselling, government investigations, including congressional investigations, and corporate compliance and strategy. Ms. Marple has represented clients before a broad range of courts and agencies, as a trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice, a senior investigative counsel for Congress, and a commercial litigation partner in private practice. Increasingly, Ms. Marple advises companies on regulatory and compliance matters, including those related to competitive and antitrust matters, Multilateral Development Bank procedures, including before the World Bank, and parallel inquiries and investigations involving the FTC, the Department of Justice, state Attorneys General, Inspectors General, Congressional Committees, and private litigants. Based on her broad experience, Ms. Marple provides strategic responses to corporations, associations and individuals involved in government inquiries, corporate investigations, and complex private litigation.