On June 8th, the U.S. Senate passed S.1260, the United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA). The legislation strengthens manufacturing and basic research in key industry sectors and is intended to provide a policy framework for competing with China. The legislation combines several bills from different Senate committee jurisdictions, including the Endless Frontier Act (Commerce Committee), Strategic Competition Act (Foreign Relations Committee), and Trade Act of 2021 (Finance Committee). In fact, the Endless Frontier Act is itself a collection of several Senate bills. All told, roughly three dozen legislation proposals from eight different Senate committees have been melded together into USICA.

The provisions of USICA involve the jurisdiction of at least ten different committees in the U.S. House, which could make its procedural path complex. The table below summarizes the provisions of USICA as organized by section, the committee jurisdictions involved, and the individual Senate bills from which the language is drawn. If there is a corresponding House bill it is also noted.

Senate committee jurisdiction House committee jurisdiction Underlying bill / proposal S.1260 section Senate source House source
Appropriations Appropriations CHIPS and O-RAN 5G Emergency Funds 1002-1003
Commerce, Science and Trans.


Space &


Endless Frontier Act 2001-2691 S.1260 H.R.2731
NSF for the Future Act H.R.2225
Advanced Technological Manufacturing Act 2205 S.735
AI Scholarship-for- Service Act 2208 S.1257
Quantum Network Infrastructure and Workforce Development Act 2211 S.1161
Advancing IoT for Precision Agriculture Act 2213 S.1395
Bioeconomy Research and Development Act 2217 S.1418
Manufacturing USA Expansion Act 2402 S.1240
Research Investment to Spark the Economy Act 2507 S.289 H.R.869
Space Preservation and Conjunction Emergency (SPACE) Act 2601-2605 S4827*
NASA Authorization Act 2611-2691
Aeronautics Innovation Act 2646-2652 S.1713* H.R.5136*
Commerce, Science, Trans. Energy and Commerce IMPACT Act 2509 S.996
Country of Origin Online Labeling Act 2510 S.3707* H.R.1386
Internet Exchange and Submarine Cable Act 2512 S.1166
Enhancing Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century Act 6301 S.329 H.R.1345
Commerce, Sci, Trans. Natural Resources Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act 2518 S.1106 H.R.406
Foreign Relations Foreign Affairs Strategic Competition Act 3001-3504 S.1169
Ensuring American Global Leadership & Engagement (EAGLE) Act (Meeks)
Sister City Transparency Act 2513 S.710 H.R.1852
Homeland Security & Gov’t Affairs Oversight Build America, Buy America Act 4101-4117 S.1303
Make it in America Act 4121-4127 S.363
Buy American.gov Act 4131-4141 S.732 H.R.2472
Make PPE in America Act 4151-4153 S.1306
Advancing American AI Act 4201-4207 S.1353
Cyber Response and Recovery Act 4251-4252 S.1316
Facilitating Federal Employee Reskilling Act 4301-4302 S.1330
Federal Rotational Cyber Workforce Program Act 4351-4356 S.1097
American Security Drone Act 4401-4411 S.73
No TikTok on Government Devices Act 4431-4432 S.1143 H.R.2566
National Risk Management Act 4461-4462 S.1350
Safeguarding American Innovation Act 4491-4498
Banking Financial Services Meeting the China Challenge Act 5001-5310 (Brown-Toomey)
HELP Energy and Commerce HHS research requirements 6101-6106
HELP Education and Labor Advancing International and Foreign Language Educ. Act 6121 S.1453
Confucius Act 6122 S.590 H.R.1160
Judiciary Judiciary Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act 6202 S.228
Finance Ways and Means Trade Act of 2021 / Competes Act / GSP-MTB extension 70001-77001 (Crapo-Wyden)

* cites bill from 116th Congress