Incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain sent a Saturday memo to incoming White House staff outlining the “First Ten Days.”

He mentioned the following actions to be taken by President Biden.

January 20

▪ Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement

▪ Reverse the ban on immigration from certain Muslim-majority countries

▪ Extend the “pause” on student loan payments and interest

▪ Launch a “100 Day Masking Challenge” by requiring masks on federal property and in interstate travel

▪ Extend restrictions on evictions and foreclosures

▪ Send comprehensive immigration legislation to Congress

January 21

▪ Issue a number of “executive actions” relating to COVID testing, protecting workers, and reopening schools

January 22

▪ Direct “Cabinet agencies to take immediate action to deliver economic relief to working families”

January 25 through February 1

A number of Executive Orders, directives, and other actions are planned to advance the following policy priorities:

▪ Strengthen Buy American provisions

▪ Advance equity and support communities of color

▪ Begin criminal justice reform

▪ Sign executive actions relating to climate change

▪ Take first steps to expand access to health care

▪ Initiate actions to reunite families separated at the border